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New Xbox Games for 2012

As you may well have noticed there are now more video games release becoming available for the Xbox 360 than ever before so it can be hard to keep track of the games that matter. We understand this so have chosen to review and details some of the most entertaining and brilliant video games on the market this summer. The opening game we would like to discuss is the forth edition of one of the most successful and long running video games series in the world today.

Halo 4 is a breathtaking futuristic first person shooter game that allows players to experience the full force of cosmic battle across many different platforms. The game has some of the most detailed and jaw dropping graphics I have seen in recent years and the story line and plot is simply fantastic. The games online multi player system as again fantastic and offer the gamer a whole new way to play this top game in the company of their online friends wherever they may be.

Another great game that has just released into the gaming world is the all new edition of Ghost Recon Future Soldier which again is another top quality first person shooter game from Tom Clancy. The basics of the game see you tasked with leading your team of advanced soldiers into many different battle scenarios where you will need to take out enemy forces and complete a wide variety of mission tasks. The game has been created by the multi award winning development team at Ubisoft and you can see the dramatic impact this has had on the game as a whole. The games graphics are extremely smooth running and offer a much higher detail to the gamer than ever before. For additional game resource for the Xbox Console, we highly recommend visiting the Official Xbox website: and the Xbox Games section.

When you are playing the game especially with a surround sound system you will virtually feel the bullets flying past your head which again adds considerably to the realism of the game. There is also another great benefit of the gamer being able to choose from some of the most advanced weaponry of any game to date so you can now customize the tools you need to do the job in hand at ease. Top game this and we have highly aspirations for this game among the gaming world.

The final game we feel is more than worth a mention is one of the most exciting games releases of the year which sees the latest edition of the Hitman series come to life. Hitman Absolution sees players tasked with guiding their character to complete many missions where they will need to eliminate their targets and evade capture. Owners will also see the great benefit of being offered the chance of many additional missions throughout the game such as the innovative sniper challenge feature. Xbox Role Play Games and Xbox Shooter Games are highly recommended by the Interactive Games team.

This feature allows players to play the game in a stand alone capacity and use their scores within the mission to compete with gamers all over the world. As well as this you will notice when you play the game that the graphical capabilities of the game have also been greatly improved and it contains extremely high detail and some of the best A.I opponents of any game I have played. The game is truly remarkable and worth every penny in our eyes and we hope you enjoy it is much as we have. This concludes this months new Xbox games reviews so we hope that it has acted to give you a better understanding of what the games are based on and all the new features they contain.


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