Game Competitions

The Interactive Games team have compiled the latest Game Competitions for various console games below:

Nintendo WiiU Game Competition

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most revolutionary video gaming consoles ever to break onto the market as it was the very first to provide totally wireless and movement controlled game play for us. The console uses state of the art motion technology to allow the user to access a wide variety of movements and controls by simply moving their controllers. A great example of this in motion is a tennis game where as the player would control their shots by actually using the motion of a tennis stroke whilst holding the wireless controller.

This allows the console to calculate the movement of the player and thus making them strike the tennis ball and perform their shot. As time has gone by there has now been even further developments for this console with the long awaited Wii U gadgets due for release later on in the year. The team at Nintendo are now giving Nintendo users the chance to be one of the first to have the gadget before it makes its way into the various gaming stores around the country. The competition is run by both Nintendo and the official Nintendo magazine and allows user from all walks of life to participate at their leisure for the chance to win this excellent prize.

The competition itself only requires the participants to text WiiU to 87474 and then sits back and cross your fingers in the hope of winning. The Nintendo magazine to help its readers gain a much better chance of winning this competition are offering a great deal on entries by offering the participant the chance to take advantage of a buy two get one free promotion to provide anyone wishing to win this competition with the best chance possible. You can find full details of the competition via the Nintendo magazines competition page  which contains all of the terms and conditions of this exciting event. For those of you who do not wish to enter by text there is also the facility to write in to the Nintendo magazine team. Participants only need to pop a postcard or letter in the post and send it to the team.

The address for this is:

WiiU Prize Draw
Official Nintendo Magazine
2 Balcombe Street

Once all entries have been received before the closing date the magazine team will then choose randomly the winner of the competition and you will then be notified if you have been successful. Once this has been done you will receive you new Nintendo WiiU via recorded courier delivery soon after. We would like to wish you the very best of luck and hope you have fun with your new device if you are lucky enough to win.

Playstation Competitions

The Playstation is arguably the best video gaming console in the world today and with this comes millions of happy users who each day turn to this wonderful device for a great source of fun and entertainment. Due to this console being so popular you will find that there is a huge array of competitions and tournaments for this platform covering a huge array of games of various genres. One of the latest competitions for this platform is the all new When Vikings Attack competition. This great competition offers users the chance to win their very own Playstation Vita by creating and designing a character which will be used to help defend modern day Britain from the evil hordes of Vikings who are landing on our shores causing chaos and destruction.

The aim of the competitions is for the user to create their very own character which they feel will offer the best defence against these invaders. Users will be able to draw via pencil or crayon or if they choose use any of the large arrays of graphic design programs on offer to them. The character must show as much detail as possible and fit the theme of the competition and has all the attributes required for a perfect defence of our realm. A few tips on the game is that the plot sees our beautiful country invaded by hordes of Vikings from the east and the player must marshal his very own defence troops against them and ultimately defend their town from these terrifying and blood thirsty forces.

One of the main advantages participating and winning this competition is that your character will be included in the game and will be used and played by millions of avid gamers worldwide. The developers Clever Beans Ltd offer the user the chance to gain their very own claim to fame and see their character being used by gamers from all over the world as well as providing the winner with a customized Playstation Vita console. Applicants can enter the competitions by simply entering their PSN sign in details on the website and then providing the developers with a copy of the design of your character. This can be done by simply scanning in your characters design if you have drawn it by hand and then uploading it to the website.

Once this has been done and all the entries are in the developers will then choose the character they feel will best suit their game and you will then win the competition. If you do not have a Sony network account you can simply open one by visiting the registration page and following the step by step instructions. All entrants must be aged eighteen or over and be a resident of any country participating in the competition. Once all entries are in up to the closing date the winner will then be chosen and informed of their win and we will arrange delivery of their prize. This is a great opportunity for those who are good at design and would like to immortalize themselves in one of the hottest video games out there right now.

Good luck and we hope to see your creations in the next edition of this wonderful game. Please check out our Official Foursquare profile page.