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New Interactive Games updates ( Updated 31st January 2017)

The PC gaming platform has been at the forefront of gaming for over three decades and is still regarded by many today as the best gaming platform of all time. Over the years the PC and its games have been improved considerably and now offer some of the most highly detailed and realistic video games ever to be released as well as the easiest way to play these games online.

Over the past few weeks our dedicated team here at Interactive Games have been working around the clock reviewing all of the latest games to be released onto this platform so we could offer our readers the information they need on what games are hot and what is not in the PC gaming world. Below you will find three of the games we consider to be the best we have played during this reviewing process so we hope you have the chance to enjoy them somewhere down the line. The first game on our list is Medal of Honor Warfighter which is a first person shooter game which thrusts players into the world of modern warfare across many different locations around the world, Players will need to use all their skills to lead a crack team of commandos into many different hostile territories as they attempt to complete a wide variety of missions to save the world from nuclear attack.

Players will be required to participate in many battlefield activities such as parachuting, underwater diving and breaching many targets to rescue hostages and so on. When you fist play this game the first thing you will notice is just how good the games graphics are as they are some of the best you will ever experience in a game on the PC and you can immediately tell just how much work has gone into making this game so good. As well as the state of the art graphics the game play in this title is again absolutely superb to say the least as it is both exciting and also highly addictive and we are sure you will love it as much as we do.

Next on our list thrusts players into the world of the professional racing driver and is of course none other than the multi award winning Dirt 3 rally game from the team at Codemasters. The game allows players to experience the high octane world of the rally driver as you attempt to lead you team all the way to the coveted title. Players will race some of the best drivers on the circuit today across many different rally courses where they will need to be at the top of their game if they are to take top points on their way to winning the title.

The game has fast moving and highly detailed graphics which make it one of the most realistic experiences of a racing game we have ever played. As well as this the game play is phenomenal and offers many hours of fun and excitement and this is why we rate this game as 10/10 all round.

The final game on our list of top PC games is Boxing Manager which as the title states is a boxing management game where players must lead their fighters all the way to the world heavyweight championship belt. Players will start by attempting to sign as many fighters to their team as possible and then lead them all the way to as many title fights as they possibly can. During this time players will need to train and condition each fighter perfectly for the style of fight they will be involved in as well as all the other attributes to help them take the title.

The game is highly addictive as the game play is simply brilliant from start to finish and offers one of the most entertaining plots of any sports based game we have played. The graphics again are immense and really do make the game so much more realistic and enjoyable and this is why The Interactive Games Team love this game so much and are recommending it to you.

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