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This Years New Nintendo Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most innovative gaming consoles on the market today and ever since it was first released a few years back it has grown in popularity considerably throughout gamers around the world. The Nintendo Wii was the first console to make use of motion activated technology by using wireless controller to control the movements of the characters in your games. Ever since it was first released there have been some brilliant games that have found use of this technology and as time has gone by these games have become more desirable by gamers everywhere.

We know that there are a huge variety of these games on offer for the Nintendo Wii these days and some are better than others so to give you a better idea on what the best games releases of the year are we have done our best to list a small amount of these below in the hope you can enjoy them to.

First up we have a very addictive and highly entertaining game from the team at Lego who present to you the Lord of The Rings epic adventure game. The game itself takes you back to the land of middle Earth where you must guide your hero Frodo against the evil lord Salmon before he can unleash his evil mutant armies upon you and gain enter back into this world. The game begins with you leading Frodo through a host of basic challenges which help you to understand the features of the game and from there you begin the most epic journey you will ever face.

Right from the go you will be tested beyond your imagination and you will be required to use all your skill to negotiate the various tasks that are thrown at you. This game is incredible throughout and has the effect of having you glued to the screen for many hours at a time and you will find it hard to put it down once you start your journey. The Lego team have also done a brilliant job on the graphics of the game as they have forgotten no detail no matter how small and the game could not have been done any better in any way. The game play of the game is again outstanding and is very easy to get to grips with and control and it takes just a matter of minutes before it will feel as if you have been playing it for hours.

Another top game from 2012 that we just have to put on our list is the all new and exclusive Mario Kart racing game which sees the return of two of the world’s most famous characters which are of course Mario and Luigi. The two legends are once again faced with the ultimate challenge as they join in the race for the world championship in Kart racing and once again do battle with the infamous Bowser and his minions.

The game has been completely revamped from start to finish with many all new changes and features being incorporated into the game which only adds to the overall excitement of the game as a whole. The graphics are again greatly improved on previous editions and do more justice to the game overall as the characters, race tracks and Karts are now more detailed than ever before.

The Nintendo Games Graphics are simply exceptional and really do make this title come into its own as everything seems much more realistic than ever before. The games game play is where this game excels as it is full of fast paced and highly entertaining excitement as you race through many different terrains on your way to winning the title.

If you have been a fan of this game in years gone by then we are highly confident that this game will be one you just have to get in your collection as it is superb in every way.

Other great games selected by our Team are as follows:

Nintendo Wii The Simpsons Game and of course the classic Nintendo Wii Tomb Raider Underworld game, these two are amongst the most played Nintendo games of 2012.

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