New Console Games

Ever since gaming consoles first broke on to the gaming market over three decades ago they have become one of the most highly entertaining sources of fun and excitement in the world. These consoles and their games have come a long way since the initial days and you can see just how much they have improved easily with many new technologies improving the features of these consoles all the time. Our gaming team have compiled a few of the Best Console Games available.

An area where these consoles have excelled is in the game department as you will now find a huge variety of games on offer from retailers all over the world and the industry has become a huge business because of this. One of the most popular and successful genres of games for gaming consoles are of course the platform games as these offer a reliable and exciting source of entertainment for a wide variety of gamers everywhere. With this in mind we have chosen to review for you two of the most iconic platform games ever to make their way on to a gaming console with each of them having huge success all round since they were first released.

The first game and we feel the very best platform game ever needs no introduction as it has featured in games and movies that have been seen all over the world. The game of course is Super Mario Bros from Nintendo Games, of which first became available on the Nintendo in the late eighties and immediately became a firm fan favourite of gamers all over the globe. The game sees two of the most loveable characters in gaming take their first steps into your hearts and Mario and Luigi have become household names ever since they first arrived.

The game sees players taking on the challenge of leading Mario or Luigi on an adventure where he must work his way through many levels on the way to meeting and beating the evil Bowser. Players will face a host of challenges within these levels where they will need to avoid Bowsers minions who are trying to stop you and also by negotiating various jumps and drops. The games graphics for the time were some of the best ever created and offered so much more than the block based computer games we had become accustomed to. The game also plays very well and extremely smoothly and is very challenging for any level of gamer and for this reason it is top of our list for platform games.

Another top and again iconic video game that has won countless awards of innovation and so on for its brilliant features and is regarded by many as the best game ever is Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega Games. This game has become so successful all over the world that you would find it very hard to find anyone who has never heard the name Sonic. The game features a huge amount of levels where players must guide their prickly friend past many great dangers whilst collecting gold rings along the way.

One of the most eye catching features of this game is that you have many ways of increasing the speed you move through the levels and are able to jump to incredible heights. The games graphics again are some of the best ever and slightly better than Super Mario but as the game was created a few years after this should be expected. The graphics are very highly detailed for a game from this period and run effortlessly in every aspect of the game which only but adds to the overall gaming experience.

The game play is simply sensational and highly addictive and this is where Sonic excels of nearly all of its main competitors as it is so smooth running and top fun that gamers have always found they can not put it down once they begin.