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The Team at Interactive Games have launched a Huge Games Sale on a large variety of Console and Computer games.

Some of the selected Games on Special offer are:

Xbox 360 Rugby Challenge – Rugby Challenge from Jonah Lomu is one of the most realistic rugby games ever created and has received many excellent reviews from critics around the world.

PS3 Skate 3 – Skate 3 from the team at iconic video games developers EA Sports is the latest edition of one of the worlds most successful sports games franchises.

Nintendo Wii Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 – The Nintendo Wii is proud to bring you to its platform arguably the best footballing game ever created from industry leading developers Konami.

Xbox 360 FIFA 2012 – One of the worlds longest running and successful sports games franchises returns with the all new and award winning FIFA 2012 game.

Xbox 360 Blazing Angels 2 – Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of World War 2 which is now available for the Xbox 360 gaming system is one of the hottest sequels of the year.

Xbox 360 JASF Strike Fighters – JASF Strike Fighters which is now available for the Xbox 360 platform is an authentic flight simulation game that is set to take the world by storm.

Xbox 360 Elder Scrolls Oblivion – Elder Scrolls Oblivion sees the return of one of the most successful games series of all time from leading games developers Bethesda games.

Nintendo DS Birds of Steel – Birds of Steel for the Nintendo DS from multi award winning developers Konami is one of the most authentic flight simulation games in the world today.

If you like Fighting Games, then you will love our review below:

Fighting Games have been some of the most popular types of video game ever since I can remember and have been entertaining gamers across the world for most of this time. Over the years we have seen a great evolution of the fighting game as they have grown into much more than ever expected with more and more innovative titles being released onto the market each day. People have always been interested in conflict and this has had a great effect on this genre as it has opened many doors to different types of fighting game which is great for the user.

The first game that we will mention is one of the most iconic fighting games of all time and still entertains millions of gamers each year. The game is of course Street Fighter which plunges players into a fast paced all out combat as they battle many extremely dangerous opponents as they attempt to win the coveted street fighter competition. Players will be able to choose from many of the most famous fighting characters ever created and then lead them all the way to becoming the best fighter on the planet. The game is set in a one on one fashion where players will be required to destroy their opponent’s energy levels until they are unable to continue. One of the best things about this genre of game is that the graphics are very free running and extremely detailed with beautiful back ground scenery as well as highly detailed characters.

If you would like to browse our selection of PS3 Simulation Games and PC Shooter Games please feel free to do so, all of the games are on special offer, along with the following game genre types:

PC Role Play Games

PS3 Role Play Games

Xbox Role Play Games

Nintendo Shooter Games

Simulation Games

We have added some of our Top Selling Games below:

PS3 Tomb Raider Underworld

PS3 Sonic Unleashed

Nintendo Wii Rayman Origins

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